Valdirite Floor Slabs
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Valdirite Floor Slabs

We are a Specialised Suspended floor slab company.

Value adding Construction products for Contractors and Clients in residential and commercial property development applications. Getting your tender price right the first time to improve your success rate and profit. We design every floor slab to be unique to your project requirements and thus saves you time and money in applying our Customized solutions.

About Us

Valdirite Floors is a unique concept in the suspended floor slab market where the quality, time and price is of very high importance. Commercial and residential real estate market has had very few advancements that has given customers the opportunity the reduce time and cost and still provide the required product in its application.

A wide range of client benefit from the Products provided by Valdirite Floor slabs in the private and public sector including: Contractors, Engineers, Architects, investors and EPCM’s.

The founding member Ruan van der Berg together with the Management team and has more than 37 years’ of experience in specialized construction projects. Ruan has been an integral part of the Largest Commercial real estate development project in South Africa which is the Fourways mall development where he dealt with all Operational functions.

This proven successful working relationship was the basis for establishing a company that came up with innovative Cost cutting processes and procedures and alternative products that could change the entire Construction industry in South Africa with regards to Precast Concrete applications. Valdirite has a wide range of construction professionals in the team including Quantity surveyors, Estimators, Planners, Contract managers, Cost engineers and Project managers. The company has a footprint in Gauteng and due to the nature of the product we deliver nation wide.

Our passion for Concrete lead us in the development of practical solutions for the precast Concrete industry.

“Revolutionary new suspended slab system that saves you time and money on your construction cost.”

Value Proposition

Valdirite Floor slabs is the only professional floor slab company in South Africa that can deliver floors weighing 185 kg per m2.This is a quite significant achievement since it will have a significant cost saving for clients where they will use less concrete and steel in their foundations.

The uniqueness of the Valdirite Floor slab is the fact that we have additional savings for our clients where the construction time is reduces due to full access underneath the freshly casted floor slab. Valdirite Floor slabs is PROPLESS and the contractor or developer will have the opportunity to continue with building works underneath the floor.Using our patented system also reduces the amount work the contractor has to do since the floor screed is included in our design where there is no need for floor screed this has a cost saving Implication.

The other value added proposition is that we are suitable for any size floor where other Concrete floor slab companies has limitations to the shape or size of delivery. We can deliver any size floor from 1m2 to 10 000m2. Valdirite Floor slabs  also provide Construction support in the form of Engineers certificates and inspections or our customers can opt for a full turn key solution  where we do the installation as well.

Vision & Mission

Value adding Construction products that reduce costs and saves time for our customers.